Testimonials and Endorsements

“Sam Whiting is the consummate guitar player’s guitarist and a fantastic
musician. He has amazing time feel, world class technique and tone and a
fantastic sense of melody, all wrapped up with great taste and classy
execution. He even shares my love of gaming, so he must be great!”
– Tom Quayle, Guitarist (Laney/Ibanez Endorsee)

“Sam is one of the finest guitarists and just one of the nicest guys I’ve ever had the good fortune of playing with. As a drummer I’ve been playing with Sam for over 10 years and even today his outstanding ability and charisma on stage still continues to bring a smile to my face every single show. In my eyes he’s a true inspirational virtuoso and has a depth of talent to share with the world.” – Tom Pybus, ACM Gospel Choir MD

“I cannot rate Sam Whiting highly enough! He is enthusiastic, patient, encouraging, funny and always up for a challenge and new ideas. I was a complete beginner and I’m loving the lessons I have. As well as being a fab teacher, Sam is also a brilliant communicator, on the rare occasion that a lesson has to be postponed he offers alternative dates & times and we find a solution so I don’t miss out.” – Ele

“During the time I had lessons with Sam I enjoyed a number of epiphanies in my playing that I would not have had otherwise. Sam is a great teacher and is familiar with all musical genres, he also performs with a band regularly so can provide lots of help if you wish to get into performing. Having lessons with Sam is some of the best money I’ve ever spent and I would thoroughly recommend anyone who is trying to learn the guitar to have lessons” – Stefan

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