Sam is an accomplished session musician, composer and teacher based in the UK, whose guitar playing has appeared on stages, TV shows and radio-stations around the world.

Feel free to scroll down and explore the site, or email sam@stwmusic.co.uk for more info.


Influenced by guitar wizards such as Tom Quayle, Guthrie Govan, John Mayer & Brad Paisley, by the time Sam had graduated from the Academy of Contemporary Music with a BA(Hons) in 2009, he had already toured the UK & Europe and appeared twice at the London Guitar Show. Over the last several years, Sam has been touring and recording in the UK, working in studios such as Abbey Road & Dean Street, and has made frequent appearances on BBC radio/TV in support of singer-songwriter Emma Stevens, while continuing to teach, compose his own music, and appear at gear and guitar shows in the UK. Sam plays specially designed, hand made guitars built by close friend and master luthier Joe White, of ‘J. White Guitar Workshops’.

Sam is also a Jam Track Central artist, and creates online educational content alongside the best guitarists in the world.


Session Work

Sam is available for session work in numerous genres, and can provide solo or rhythm guitar parts for any project.

Working from a high end home studio with modern gear, Sam can record and deliver recordings over the internet for any project, ensuring quality guitar tone and a quick turnaround.


Sam is available for workshops, masterclasses and clinics, utilising over 10 years of varied industry and teaching experience.

Guitar Lessons

Guitar lessons are available both in person, and over Skype or Google Hangouts for video lessons. For more info, please visit the Guitar Lessons Page.




“I cannot rate Sam Whiting highly enough! He is enthusiastic, patient, encouraging, funny and always up for a challenge and new ideas. I was a complete beginner and I’m loving the lessons I have. As well as being a fab teacher, Sam is also a brilliant communicator, on the rare occasion that a lesson has to be postponed he offers alternative dates & times and we find a solution so I don’t miss out.” – Ele


“During the time I had lessons with Sam I enjoyed a number of epiphanies in my playing that I would not have had otherwise. Sam is a great teacher and is familiar with all musical genres, he also performs with a band regularly so can provide lots of help if you wish to get into performing. Having lessons with Sam is some of the best money I’ve ever spent and I would thoroughly recommend anyone who is trying to learn the guitar to have lessons” – Stefan


“Sam is such a friendly and funny teacher who makes learning guitar really straight-forward. Lessons are definitely worth the money and he’s genuinely excellent at explaining musical concepts, so you learn lots as well as have fun!” – Saskia


“I look forward to my regular lessons with Sam & now consider him a friend as well as a professional & inspirational teacher. I wish I had met Sam years ago so if you are thinking about guitar lessons, don’t delay, get in contact with Sam as I do not think you will find better elsewhere.” – Mick